Combined Safety Services


The First Man Up Access Line is a device manufactured by CSS to comply with AS/NZ1891.4:2009 to ensure safe access and egress onto a roof from a designated access point.

It consists of a specific length of double swagged 5mm 316 stainless steel safety wire with thimbles, a shackle for attachment and an attachment ring for attachment to the end users shock absorber lanyard and harness. The first man up line is attached to a permanent roof safety anchor by the stainless steel shackle and the attachment ring at a position of approximately 500mm from the ladder bracket support. This device has been load tested to 15kN to comply with AS/NZ 1891.4:2009 for a single user.

This type of access device ensures the end user is attached to the ring before stepping onto the roof, after maintaining three points of contact whilst climbing the ladder. Other systems require multiple roof anchor points to access roof anchors at the ridge location, which can be difficult when the roof pitch becomes greater than 15°.

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The “Lad-Line”, or ladder height safety system is designed for use with fixed ladders to provide fall protection to the user during ascent or decent.

The system comprises a permanently installed top bracket fixed to either the top rungs or ladder stile with a stainless cable running the entire length of the ladder and tensioned at a second bracket fixed
to the bottom area.

The user is connected to the line via a special sleeve that is also connected to an attachment point on the user's harness. In the event of a slip or fall, the sleeve locks automatically and prevents the climber from falling and remains locked until a firm footing can be regained.



To be used in conjunction with the “Lad Line”, this cable grab can be attached at any point on the stainless wire and cannot be removed while the karabiner is still
attached. This safety sleeve allows trouble free ascending or descending and will arrest a fall should the climber slip.


The Ladder Support bracket is designed as a purpose-made device to steady a portable ladder for use to gain access to roof areas as recommended in the Australian Standard and WorkCover NSW (now known as SafeWork NSW) Code of Practice "Managing the Risks of Falls at Workplaces". It is galvanised to limit potential corrosion from occurring.

Our Ladder Brackets can be manufactured as “Slip Unders” or “Wall Mounts” to suit 2 different types of wall structure – the applications are indicative by the names. Where there is no form of fixing the bracket to a wall or solid structure, a “Slip Under” type is used, wherein the bracket itself will slip under a metal facia or the top of a parapet wall. The “Wall Mounts”, however, are simply fixed to the facia, a concrete or a brick solid wall face.

For those sites situated within close range of coastal elements such as salt water, we also offer a 316 grade Stainless Steel Ladder Bracket to eliminate the corrosive effects of salt water. This particular Ladder Bracket is normally slipped under a metal facia or mounted on a parapet wall.
We highly recommend the use of this ladder bracket when in a coastal area largely affected by salt water.
The LadLok enables a user to secure their ladder in position prior to commencement of work, effectively limiting ladder movement for safe and confident use. Quick and easy to install, the LadLok is constructed from steel with a durable powdercoat finish, and comes with a rubber backing to protect the gutter from surface scratches at points of contact. Additional 90mm extension brackets are also supplied to accommodate for larger ladder frames.