Combined Safety Services

A Roof Safety System must be designed by a competent person who is trained in height safety subject to AS/NZ1891 and has the experience, knowledge and skills to ensure the pendulum effect is eliminated to the greatest possible level.

A system must be installed by competent height safety installers using NATA products which comply with the loads for one and two person fall arrest applications. The height safety system will consist of safe access and egress to the roof ensuring the end user is restrained when at a height of 2m and within 2m of the roof edge. The system consists of a ladder support bracket, 1st man up line, compliance sign and the roof safety anchors and / or lines.

Each component installed on a roof for height safety purposes must meet all current load ratings as stipulated in AS1891:2009. Test Certificates should be provided.

Only when all of these components are complete can the system be certified as being compliant to AS/NZ 1891 by roof safety experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install my own system?

Yes, although you will require the knowledge to negate the pendulum effect. However, the system is only able to be certified as compliant by persons with the appropriate training and qualifications.

Do I have to have a ladder bracket and 1st man up line?

For compliance you will require a safe form of access and egress.

Can we install the systems and have your company certify the system?

Yes, although you will require consultation for the design and instruction to install the system. (Consultation fees will apply). The system must be installed to the system design and proof will be required in the form of a signed scaled plan and photographs. Only CSS products can be certified by our organisation.